John Madigan delivers 2014 Milne Lecture at AAEP.
John Madigan delivers 2014 Milne Lecture at AAEP. 


We strive to share our findings within and outside of the scientific community through publications, conference presentations and general public outreach. Please refer to the Research, Publications, and Links/Resources pages for specific topic information.

Highlights of our recent outreach:



UC Davis Health 2019 North Pacific Child Neurology Colloquium, Sacramento, California
  • Neonatal maladjustment syndrome in foals/neurosteroids in neonates
University of California Davis 2019 Winter Conference, Davis, California
  • Integrative medicine at birth- how performing the squeeze procedure transforms the brain and improves survival in foals
The Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center Veterinary Symposium, Santa Ynez Valley, California
  • Neurosteroids are involved in with maladjusted foals and also septic critical care foals
  • Approach to gait abnormalities- neurological issues confirmed by electrophysiology


American Association of Equine Practitioners Conference, San Francisco, California
  • Sarcocystis fayeri infection associated with neuromuscular disease in horses

  • How to use the Madigan foal squeeze technique for treatment of maladjustment syndrome and for performing minor procedures and administration of plasma in healthy neonatal foals

  • Effects of magnesium with or without boron on headshaking behavior in horses with trigeminal-mediated headshaking


International Society on Anthrozoology Conference, UC Davis, California
  • Could recent veterinary discoveries involving the newborn foal provide insight into disorders of infant neurodevelopment and possibly links to austism spectrum disorder?
Annual Forum, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, National Harbor, Maryland
  • Trigeminal Mediated Headshaking Syndrome
  • Electrodiagnostics: Review of Basic Concepts and Clinical Applications
  • Panel Discussion on Diagnosis and Management of Spinal Cord Disease
UC Administrative Management Professionals Annual Conference, Sacramento, California
  • Newborn Horses Give Clues to Autism


Equine Symposium, UC Davis, California
  • Neonatal foal birth considerations
Colorado State Annual Veterinary Conference, Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Equine neonatal medicine
Parelli Natural Horsemanship Clinic, Atwood Ranch Red Bluff, California
  • From Foal to First Year of Life Lecture
  • Demonstration of Foal Squeeze
Wild West Veterinary Conference, Reno, Nevada
  • Updates on Neonatal Medicine
Florida Association of Equine Practitioners, Puerto Rico
  • Fear Studies in horses
  • Trigeminal Mediated Headshaking
  • New developments in post birth management of the foal
  • Neurology lectures and laboratory 2 day course


61st Annual American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Neurologic examinations of horses. In-depth interactive: Neurology
  • Cerebral and brainstem electrophysiological activity during euthanasia with pentobarbital sodium in horses
Third Annual Donkey Welfare Symposium, UC Davis, Davis, California
  • Neurologic problems of donkeys
Annual One Health Symposium, UC Davis, Davis, California
  • The Transition of Consciousness at Birth in Foals: Implications for Kangaroo Mother Care and the Austism Spectrum Disorder
14th  World Equine Veterinary Association, Guadalajara-Mexico
  • Neurologic examination in foals
  • Idiopathic headshaking
  • Neonatal maladjustment syndrome (hypoxia vs non-hypoxia)
  • How to collect cerebrospinal fluid
Merial case presentations, Napa, California
  • Discussion of neurologic disease in horses
North American Veterinary Conference, Orlando, Florida
  • How to perform a neurologic exam and localize the problem
  • Myelopathies
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Movement disorders
  • Idiopathic headshaking


60th Annual American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Auditory loss in horses. Part I: Adult horses
  • Auditory loss in horses. Part II: Foals
  • Owner-reported response to treatment of 130 headshaking horses
7th European College of Equine Internal Medicine Congress. Prague, Czech Republic
  • Equine Neurology (lectures: emphasis in neonates, all day wet lab)
NORCAL Neuromuscular Faculty at UCD, Sacramento Medical Center, Sacramento, California
  • Neuromuscular diseases in other species
Colorado Veterinary Medical Association, Loveland, Colorado
  • Headshaking in horses
  • Neuromuscular diseases in horses
  • Review of Equine Neuro-anatomy and the function of the brain
  • Electrodiagnostics in neurological and neuromuscular diseases
XXIX Annual Forum, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Review of large animal neurology
XVIII Veterinary Symposium in Equine Medicine, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Equine neurology and neuromuscular disorders three day course
Western Veterinary Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Headshaking in horses
  • Approach to the equine head trauma