Comparative Neurology Research Group

About Us

The Comparative Neurology Research Group is composed of UCD faculty from the School of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, basic science researchers, graduate students, international collaborators. Current projects include equine neonatal maladjustment syndrome as a model for autism spectrum disorder, neurosteroid markers for post birth skin-to-skin contact (Kangaroo Mother Care) of human infants, neurosteroid levels in neonatal calves and swine, equine narcolepsy, equine cervical pain, trigeminal nerve pain/equine headshaking, cognitive disorders in dogs, epilepsy of Arabian and border collie, and pre-surgical ritual for improved surgeon precision

Our Mission

  • To advance understanding of neurologic diseases of animals and man through comparative and collaborative research and education utilizing the one health medicine concept
  • To develop diagnostic tests and treatment modalities to improve the well-being of humans and animals